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The World of Gardens Featured in Frette’s 2010 Fall Collections

The World of Gardens Featured in Frette’s 2010 Fall Collections

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Italian linen maker Frette has tapped into “The World of Gardens” for their 2010 Fall Collections.

Frette has drawn on gardens from around the world – and from our past – to put together a beautiful new collection.

“The World of Gardens Featured in Frette’s 2010 Fall Collections”

New York, NY, – Frette’s Fall Winter 2010 Collections are created to transport one through the most exotic, lush gardens around the world providing escapism and wonderment. Traveling to far off locales to capture unique flora, wildlife and sculptures; the enchanted gardens of France, The Far East and The Middle East served as inspiration for organic floral designs and geometric renditions. Shades of color, textures and pattern variations enabled an infinite variety of moods and sensations to be captured metamorphosing into intricate designs and needlework on textiles.

The influence for the Extraordinaire Collection was derived from the meticulous French gardens. Unique art deco pieces translated into a fan like curvilinear decorative yarn dyed jacquard creating the Monceau pattern. Galuchat, also referred to as shagreen is the complimentary geometric pattern of small contiguous circles in mauve and grey tones. Adding shimmering silver color to the top of the bed is the leather texturized orbicular Galuchat cushion backed in silk cady. The luxury Monceau silk dyed duvet cover is in a hue of deep mauve and completes the sumptuous collection.

The Serene Collection draws inspiration from Far East garden prints dated over two centuries. Kyoto, Japan’s most ancient city is the name of the peonia floral pattern. Kyoto features organic peonies in full bloom with their compound deeply lobed leaves captured on a yarn dyed jacquard. The more abstract Battersea pattern is comprised of miniature pointillist dots forming intertwining and overlapping arch-like designs. This same interlocking pattern is inserted in as a macramé lace along the border of the corresponding cotton sateen bedsets. The color palette ranges from rich bold mauves to muted celery and delicate nuances of blush often depicted in Far East landscapes. Blending perfectly with the collection, the Kyoto luxury pieces in cashmere and mixed silk create the ultimate finishing touches.

The Middle Eastern Garden of Paradis plays off its French name “paradis” meaning heaven. This mystical garden extracts two ancient keepsakes in the history of the Middle East: feathers and jewels. The Majorelle collection named after the iconic Moroccan botanical garden interlaces feathers from exotic birds with rich jewels in an all over woven jacquard pattern. The rich hues of blue and burgundy jewel tones evoke the Moroccan aesthetic. Evocative accessories complementing this look include degrade feathered cushions backed in silk cady.

Frette’s Fall Winter collections provide an escape from the ordinary, taking its customers on a sojourn through historical gardens abundant in art and culture. By studying these plush foliages Frette’s artisans have brought a more contemporary execution to the traditional methods of textile design. The Serene, The Extraordinaire and The Paradis collections illustrate Frette’s ability to continue its 150-year legacy as a leader in providing the finest bedding and home décor to homes and hotels worldwide.

Founded in 1860, the House of Frette operates 8 stores in the United States, including its online store at The company also has 40 freestanding stores in Italy, as well as 92 destinations on the most exclusive shopping boulevards around the world including Paris, Milan, Rome, London, Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Sydney. Frette’s Hotel Division serves the finest hotels, restaurants and cruise lines all over the world. Of course, Frette continues to be the linen of choice for an international group of discriminating private homes as well.

In 2006, the company was acquired by JH Partners, a San-Francisco-based private equity firm established in 1986 and focused on investments in growth-oriented consumer products with an emphasis on luxury brands.