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The Top 5 Worst Ritz-Carlton Hotels in the World

The Top 5 Worst Ritz-Carlton Hotels in the World

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
The Top 5 Worst Ritz-Carlton Hotels in the World

Must-Miss Destinations: Inside The Top 5 Worst Ritz-Carlton Hotels Worldwide.

As the Pursuitist, your trusted authority in luxury travel, we’ve had our share of opulent suites in world-class palaces and, let’s be frank, a rather dismal stay at a regrettable Quality Inn in the vicinity of the Detroit airport. Quite the contrast, wouldn’t you say? But the sting of disappointment is sharpest when a prestigious brand, one that you know and love, fails to uphold its end of the luxury bargain. It feels a bit like a designer imposter perfume – it might bear the name, but the scent is just…off.

In this instance, we’ve unfortunately stumbled upon some Ritz-Carlton properties that fail to reach the lofty standards we’ve come to expect from this esteemed brand. While they do carry the coveted Ritz-Carlton badge, their delivery on the promise of luxury and exceptional service feels less like the grandeur associated with the Ritz-Carlton and more like a dressed-up Courtyard Marriott on prom night.

In the luxury hospitality industry, consistency is king, and these inconsistent performances can leave an indelible mark on the overall brand’s reputation. Hence, we feel compelled to guide you, our discerning readers, towards making informed decisions about your accommodations. Remember, each penny spent on a luxury hotel isn’t just currency exchanged, it’s an investment in an experience. When that experience fails to align with the cost, it’s not just a regrettable expenditure – it’s a tarnish on your travel memoirs.

That’s why we’re turning on the spotlight, aiming it squarely at these out-of-tune Ritz-Carlton properties. Don’t just chase the illusion of luxury painted by a prestigious brand name; aim for the real deal. So, pull up a chair and join us as we delve into our exclusive report on “The Top 5 Worst Ritz-Carlton Hotels in the World”. The aim is not to disparage a celebrated brand but to ensure that you, the luxury traveler, are equipped with the knowledge to make choices that truly enrich your travel experiences.

After all, you deserve nothing less than the best.


Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami – A Promising Shell with a Disappointing Core

The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove in Miami woos visitors with its outwardly inviting ambiance. However, a deeper investigation reveals an aging property with a design that sorely lacks the distinctive sophistication associated with the Ritz-Carlton brand.

Location: Nestled in the verdant neighborhood of Coconut Grove, the hotel finds itself amid the tropical splendor of Miami, promising an escape to paradise.

Why it Falls Short: Despite its favorable location, the property seems to have lost touch with the quintessential elegance and refinement characteristic of Ritz-Carlton hotels.

Guests and The Pursuitist Say: There’s a unanimous agreement among guests and us, The Pursuitist, that the mediocre service, uninspired dining options, dated furnishings, and an overall lack of innovation severely undermine the premium rates this establishment demands.

  • Mediocre service
  • Lackluster dining options
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Lack of innovation
Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami
From the crooked tiled floor to the “cozy” outdoor furniture at Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami. Oh, and “the view!” Watch out for the crumbling ceiling overhead…

Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland – Failing to Capture the City’s Vibrancy

Ideally positioned in a city known for its cultural richness, the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland, could have been a beacon of luxury. Regrettably, the property’s resemblance to a high-end Marriott makes it fall short of the Ritz-Carlton brand’s high standards.

Location: Located in the bustling heart of downtown Cleveland, the hotel has the advantage of a central location.

Why it Falls Short: The uninspired interiors and subpar service fail to live up to the luxurious image that the Ritz-Carlton brand promotes.

Guests and The Pursuitist Say: A common theme in the feedback from guests and our personal experience revolves around the lack of value for money and a desperate need for a significant revamp.

  • Uninspiring interiors
  • Subpar service
  • Lack of signature Ritz-Carlton luxury
  • Exorbitant pricing with little value
Best part of the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland? Leaving the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland.
Best part of the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland? Leaving the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland.

Ritz-Carlton, Central Park – Fading Elegance Amidst New York’s Icons

With its prestigious location beside Central Park, one of New York’s most iconic landmarks, the Ritz-Carlton, Central Park, should be an emblem of luxury in a city renowned for high standards. Regrettably, this once-shining beacon of the brand has lost much of its luster, failing to keep pace with the rapidly evolving standards of luxury in the hospitality industry.

Location: Situated right next to Central Park, the hotel’s location is undeniably prime real estate in the heart of Manhattan, offering an unmatched proximity to New York’s scenic beauty and vibrant culture.

Why it Falls Short: The hotel has allowed its facilities to age without the necessary updates to preserve a contemporary sense of luxury. The service quality also fluctuates, failing to uphold the consistently high standards that have become synonymous with the Ritz-Carlton brand.

The Pursuitist and Guests Say: Both guests and we, The Pursuitist, have voiced disappointment over the dated interiors, inconsistent service, and underwhelming culinary experiences. Despite its prime location, the hotel falls disappointingly short of delivering the world-class Ritz-Carlton experience.

  • Dated interior design
  • Inconsistent service
  • Underwhelming culinary offerings
  • Lack of modern amenities and facilities
  • Starting at $800 a night, very little value
Ritz-Carlton, Central Park
From the views at Ritz-Carlton, Central Park, you can see much better luxury hotels

The Carlton Moscow – A War-torn Luxury Experience

Formerly known as the Ritz-Carlton, Moscow, the Carlton Moscow finds itself amidst a conflict zone where gang wars and political turmoil overshadow the promise of a luxurious stay. And after Russia invaded Ukraine, Marriott suspending all operations in the country due to sanctions on Russia by Western nations “make it impossible for Marriott to continue to operate or franchise hotels in the Russian market.” While no longer a Marriott managed property, it is now using a completely totally different name…. that’s no way similar to the original name. Yes, it’s the all-new, all-different “The Carlton Moscow.”

Crown. Lion. Carlton. Completely New Brand.

Location: Located in the heart of Moscow, a city with a deep-rooted history and thriving culture, the hotel offers an unmatched view of the Kremlin and Red Square.

Why it Falls Short: The ongoing unrest and political tensions surrounding the hotel have inevitably seeped into its services, leading to a diminished luxury experience.

Guests and The Pursuitist Say: Guest reviews and our evaluation often cite the unpleasant external environment and the noticeable impact of the sanctions on the hotel’s service quality.

  • Unfavorable external environment
  • Diminished service quality due to sanctions
  • Compromised luxury experience
Ritz Carlton Moscow In Better Day. Barack Obama dining with the First Family on the roof of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, July 7, 2009.
Thanks, Obama! Ritz Carlton Moscow In Better Day. Barack Obama dining with the First Family on the roof of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, July 7, 2009.

Ritz-Carlton, Aruba – A Missed Opportunity in Paradise

Despite being located in a destination renowned for its crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches, the Ritz-Carlton, Aruba, fails to embody the island’s charm. The property’s design, service, and culinary offerings fall short of the high Ritz-Carlton standard.

Location: The hotel enjoys a prime beachfront location on the picturesque island of Aruba, promising a perfect tropical getaway.

Why it Falls Short: Despite its idyllic location, the service and dining options are far from the Ritz-Carlton standard, more in line with a beachside chain hotel.

Guests and The Pursuitist Say: Guests often voice their disappointment, citing lackluster service, uninspired dining, and an atmosphere that does little to enhance the natural beauty of its location.

  • Dull dining options
  • Service that’s not up to par
  • Disconnection from the island’s charm
the casino at the ritz carlton aruba
As you enter the lobby at the Ritz-Carlton, Aruba, turn to your left and see the luxurious… casino…

The presence of the Ritz-Carlton name, a moniker synonymous with luxury and sophistication, sets a certain level of expectation among discerning travelers. However, these establishments regrettably falter in delivering the experience the brand has built its reputation on. These properties are essentially imposters hiding behind the Ritz-Carlton name, delivering an experience more akin to an overpriced Marriott rather than the grandeur of Ritz-Carlton. This bait-and-switch tactic, albeit unintentional, damages the brand’s equity and dilutes its promise of excellence and superior service.

As experienced luxury travel insiders, we feel compelled to shed light on these discrepancies, urging discerning travelers to proceed with caution when considering these properties. Genuine luxury is a harmonious blend of superior design, unparalleled service, and culinary mastery – a composition these properties regrettably fail to orchestrate. Remember, not all that bears the Ritz-Carlton insignia is deserving of it. Stay vigilant and ensure your luxury travel experiences are genuinely opulent, not just promisingly branded.

To conclude, we’d like to recall the words of the founder of The Ritz-Carlton, Cesar Ritz, who once said, “The customer is never wrong.”

This quote serves as a poignant reminder for these establishments to always prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to uphold the brand’s promise of luxury and superb service. For it’s the customer’s experience that truly defines the brand, not just its name.