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The Steve Jobs Bulgarian Technical School?

The Steve Jobs Bulgarian Technical School?

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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A technical school in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, may change their name to “Steve Jobs” in honor of the late Apple CEO. The school, located in Bulgaria’s second largest city, is currently named after Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. Focused on electronics education, the school is now approaching its 50th anniversary and they want a new name to reflect the modern times. Why not Steve Jobs, inventor of the iMac, iPhone and the iPad?

The students and faculty are voting for a new name — and “Steve Jobs” is the front runner. The possible new name is certainly an improvement over the name of an oppressive Soviet dictator.

The Bulgarian news agency Novinite also reports that: “Some insist that the school should be named after a Bulgarian scientist instead.”

The name “Peter Petroff” is also under consideration — the late Bulgarian-American was the inventor of the digital watch and a NASA engineer.

In other Apple and Bulgarian news, the iPhone 4S, Apple’s fifth-gen smartphone, will be available for sale in Bulgaria on November 11th.

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