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The samurai iPhone cases

The samurai iPhone cases

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Samuri iPhone cases? Kitsch? Not at all. Look at these great looking samuri iPhone cases. What could be really silly is actually amazing.

What if samurai had owned cell phones? That’s the concept behind Softbank’s five new Japan Texture cases for the iPhone 3GS/3G. The gorgeously lacquered cases, handcrafted with gold dust highlights, are intended to blend traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern IT tools. Great warriors like Oda Nobunaga vied for supremacy around the time of Japan’s Warring States period (1467-1568). They were ruthless military commanders who commanded absolute loyalty from their legions of samurai. Today, they can be bling in your pocket. Softbank is selling the cases for the paltry sum of $1,000 apiece. – From CNET