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The Royal Wedding Cake Created By Designer Fiona Cairns

The Royal Wedding Cake Created By Designer Fiona Cairns

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Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have chosen Leicestershire-based cake designer Fiona Cairns, below, to create their wedding cake. The British pastry chef and graphic designer is famous for imaginative ideas, to make the cake that they and their guests will enjoy at the reception. Cairns has created pastries for other famous names, such as Bono, Sir Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd. Also, Kate was “very involved” in the inspiration:

“She briefed us very closely right at the beginning,” Cairns said. “So it’s really her creation, our interpretation. … We made a few mockups … with piping ideas and flowers and submitted those, and then Catherine sent them back with her notes: what she liked, what she didn’t like.” Cairns explained that the outside of William and Kate’s cake has a floral motif, each with a special meaning. “There’s something called the Language of Flowers,” Cairns said. “Daisies symbolize innocence; acorns symbolize strength.”

In addition, the couple have also asked McVitie’s Cake Company to create a chocolate biscuit cake for the reception at Buckingham Palace. The chocolate biscuit cake will be made from a Royal Family recipe and was specially requested by Prince William.

Below, Cake Design and Development Head Chef Paul Courtney tastes a piece of a trial biscuit cake after making it at the McVitie’s factory in Stockport.