Reco Jeans are Pursuitist Recommended. This a brilliant idea — we’re a bit smitten with their stylish, sexy look that’s sustainable. Who said green has to be blah? Reco Jeans marry recyling with an awesome look. More info on their fashion show:

This is the official video of the Reco Jean fashion show from Greenhouse, NYC. All Reco clothing is made from a recycled cotton blend, and all proceeds from the night went to the Global Genes Project.

Mission: reco jeans® promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by introducing a green line of denim that minimizes the use of fresh cotton and that reduces the amount of excess fabric that would end up in a landfill. reco jeans® supporters not only look good in their jeans, but feel good about contributing to a healthier, cleaner, and more dignified earth.

Uniqueness: reco jeans® is the only company to use innovative, new recycled fabric exclusively on all of its denim products. The process used to create the fabric is so unique that it has been approved, certified, and then studied by a prestigious university due to its ability to change the environment and eliminate waste within the garment industry. We have exclusive rights to this fabric and are the only recycled denim company with a green label certification.

What else:
– There are no leather tags on our jeans
– While other apparel companies use an average of six labels on their products, we only use three.
– Our tags are printed on either recycled paper or plant-able seeded paper; they are then hung on the belt loop to eliminate the excess use of plastic.

– Our zippers, buttons & rivets are non-toxic.
– All of our packaging and poly bags are all made from recycled materials.
– Our styles are named after endangered plant (men’s jean) and flowers (ladies’ jean)
-We collaborate with a variety of industries, artists, musicians, and organizations to bring reco jeans® supporters experiences more than just fashion!