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The Pursuit of Marantz

The Pursuit of Marantz

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
The Pursuit of Marantz

Embodying the spirit of aural perfection, Marantz, an audio brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, is pulling out all the stops to celebrate seven decades of ‘The Most Musical Sound’. Born in the heart of New York City, Marantz has journeyed from the innovative dreams of its founder Saul Marantz to being a globally acclaimed provider of premier sound experiences. Saul’s profound love for music, combined with an unwavering pursuit of detail and quality, has defined the Marantz legacy.

This milestone is commemorated with an anniversary campaign, offering a grand ode to the brand’s roots, craftsmanship, and the magical confluence of fidelity, design, and artisanship.

The Pursuit of Marantz

From Small Beginnings to Silver Screens and Space Voyages

Over the decades, Marantz has left an indelible imprint in the corridors of auditory history. The brand’s illustrious legacy boasts appearances in iconic films and even a celestial association with NASA’s Apollo Space Program, which employed the Marantz Model 9 power amplifier for its reliability and stability.

The Pursuit of the Most Musical Sound

A centerpiece of the anniversary campaign is a film titled “The Pursuit.” This cinematic journey traces the timeline from 1953, when Saul Marantz introduced his innovative Audio Consolette, to the present day. Filmed in Tokyo, the film captures Marantz’s relentless pursuit of sonic perfection while keeping Saul’s original vision – to bring listeners as close as possible to an artist’s work – at its heart.

A Legacy Reverberates Through Time

Reflecting on Marantz’s enduring heritage, Joel Sietsema, Marantz brand president, states, “Marantz is a revered brand built on inspired innovation and exceptional quality, and seven decades of this rich history are embodied in everything we’ve planned for the 70th anniversary.” He further emphasizes that this global celebration not only honors Marantz’s past and present but also paves the way for future innovations.

A Three-Day Resonance in New York City

To inaugurate the anniversary campaign, Marantz is hosting a three-day extravaganza in New York City from July 10-12. Spanning over 7,000 square feet, the event promises to be a sonic spectacle with immersive listening experiences, curated museum tours, and a colossal film wall showcasing the brand film.

World-renowned composer Max Richter will grace the main stage, sharing his insightful perspectives on music, sound, and humanity. Additionally, the House of Marantz on-site café provides a comfortable nook for guests to unwind and enjoy a selection of gourmet delights.

The Pursuit of Marantz

A Global Symphony of Celebration

Echoing the jubilation beyond New York, Marantz and partners are planning an array of pop-up events and activations worldwide. One notable feature is a 70-day, limited-time trade-in program for Marantz owners to recycle their older products and receive credit towards newer models.

The Sound of the Future

As Marantz celebrates its 70-year journey, it invites audiophiles and music lovers alike to immerse themselves in a world of sonic luxury. The festivities extend an invitation to relive the history, experience the present, and anticipate the future of auditory magnificence.

The House of Marantz 70th Anniversary activation is set to take place at Spring Studios in NYC and is open to the public on Wednesday, July 12, from 11 am-7 pm local time. Prepare to indulge in an extraordinary auditory journey where Marantz continues to set the stage.