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The Overhead Compartment With Herman Edwards

The Overhead Compartment With Herman Edwards

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Today, we welcome one of the most charismatic, and well-traveled, sports analysts in the nation, Herman Edwards!

The Overhead Compartment With Herman EdwardsAs famous for his “Hermisms” as he is for his charm, Herman “Herm” Edwards is a former NFL head coach and player and now Commentator/Analyst for ESPN. Herm played ten seasons in the NFL, then patrolled the sidelines as Head Coach of the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

These days, he can be found on ESPN’s NFL Live, SportsCenter and ESPN Radio, along with appearances at numerous charity events, one in particular being the annual Herm Edward Charity Golf Tournament, benefitting The Herm Edwards Foundation, which provides funding for various programs to help improve the lives of underprivileged kids.

THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT…with Herm Edwards, begins now.

OC:    What was the most exciting trip you’ve taken recently:

HE:     Disney World. And the reason, I have two daughters 8 and 9.  Anytime you walk in the park, you look through the eyes of your children and you get excited to watch children the joy of them still being at that age loving Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you kind of look through their eyes and it makes you smile.

OC:    What’s the biggest success to traveling with young children?

HE:     Well if you can, put them in first class, give them an iPad and make sure you sedate them with a lot of Sprite and candy

OC:    Complete the following sentence: I never leave home without__________

HE:     A toothbrush, it’s pretty important.  I just believe in hygiene I always carry a toothbrush

OC:    Do you check or carry on?

HE:     I actually try to carry everything on when I can and I stay away from certain airlines I wont mention them because I’ll get in trouble if I ever fly on them.

OC:    What’s one place in the world that you’ve never been and can’t wait to visit?

HE:     I don’t do a lot of travel overseas, but I’d like to go see Rome. I’m catholic and I want to take my daughters there.

OC:    What’s the most important attribute you need in a hotel and what makes a hotel good for Herm Edwards?

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HE:     Clean bathrooms!  If the bathroom is not clean, I’m walking out! That’s any place I go to, if the bathrooms not clean, I’ve got to go out.  It tells you a lot about the facility if the bathroom is not clean.

OC:    Beach, Mountain or Museum, which is the best vacation for Herman Edwards?

HE:     I don’t like the beach because Jaws is in the ocean, so I don’t fool around with the beach.  I’m not a mountain climber, probably museum, it’s safe and I can leave anytime I want.

OC:    You live in a part of the world that everyone wants to visit. Monterey/ Carmel, that whole area…what’s one place or one thing anyone visiting your part of the world needs to see?

HE:     I think they have to go out to Pebble Beach, on the ocean side and view just the beauty of it all. If you stand on the 7th hole par 3 and look out, you go WOW.  Am I really here?!  It’s breathtaking to say the least!!

Herm Edwards, please use care upon departure as items may have shifted in The OverHead Compartment during our journey. Thanks for choosing us for your travel tips! Have a wonderful day!

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