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The Overhead Compartment with Erin Heatherton

The Overhead Compartment with Erin Heatherton

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She’s a Supermodel. She’s been all over the globe. And what she really, really wants is to see the Cubs finally win the World Series. Meet Erin Heatherton, one of the most famous, beautiful and down-to-earth models in the world. This Chicago girl is equally comfortable on a photo shoot, an exotic island, or in an arena cheering for her beloved Bulls. With such a passion for sports, it was a natural fit for Erin to become the brand ambassador for The Northwest, a company that makes officially licensed NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL blankets, pillows, towels and more.

The Overhead Compartment with Erin Heatherton starts now…..

The Overhead Compartment with Erin Heatherton2

OC: As a model your travels have taken you all over the world, what is the key to passing time when you spend so many hours on a plane?

EH: I love to make playlists to keep me energized and inspired while I’m shooting. Time on the plane is usually spent listening to new/old albums to discover what make me feel transported and alive.

OC: What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you at an airport?

Erin HeathertonEH: My first time I shot in Brazil, my plane from São Paulo made a stop in Fortaleza on the way to Natal. I woke up and got off, not knowing that the plane kept going. When my baggage didn’t come, I was surprised to learn I was in Fortaleza- and the next plane was in 8 hours!

OC: What was the most interesting city you’ve visited?

EH: The most interesting trip of my modeling career was in Morocco. We started our adventure at a hotel at the tip of the Sahara Desert. In the morning, we drove 3 hours into the desert, and stayed overnight in a camp of tents with two camels (which I got to ride), completely surrounded by sand dunes. I will never forget how beautiful the stars were, it was incredible!

OC: What was the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

EH: Right now I’m in Mauritius- It’s heaven!

OC: When you have time off from a shoot, what do you during the day?

EH: Recently I’ve been working on finishing the renovation of my apartment. I’ve been decorating and working on the finishing touches. It’s been so much fun, I can’t wait to share it!

OC: Where are you just coming back from?

EH: After Mauritius, my next trip will be shooting in LA, then some more exciting beach locations!

OC: First thing you do when arriving at a hotel in your room?

EH: Run a hot bath!

OC: Biggest pet peeve about hotels?

EH: When there’s no bath tub.

OC: Top three hotels anywhere in the world…

EH: The Parker, Palm Springs. La Sereno, St. Bart’s. The Adina, Bondi- my second home in Sydney!

OC: Complete the following sentence: I never leave home without my……

EH: ……phone, headphones, and lip balm

OC: You are involved with The Northwest company that is known for their blankets with the Sports teams logos on them and takes you all over, what is your favorite sport?

EH: Basketball is my favorite sport to play and watch. I’m really excited about the Bulls this year! Derrick Rose!

OC: You’re a Chicago girl, like me: What is the one place visitors to our hometown must not miss?

EH: Yay! Love to all our Chicago girls!!! I would say: the restaurant Avec, a Bulls game at the United center, and Second City- the starting hub of many of my favorite comedians today.

OC: What would you give to see the Cubs win the World Series?

EH: I would go streaking covered entirely in Cubs logo body paint. But don’t hold me to it.

OC: Go to snack on the road?

EH: Matcha green tea latte from Juice Press.

Erin Heatherton, please use care upon departure as items may have shifted in The Overhead Compartment during our journey. Thanks for choosing us for your travel tips! Have a wonderful Day!