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The Overhead Compartment with Annie Wersching

The Overhead Compartment with Annie Wersching

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We all know teenagers occasionally have the impression their parents are something of a necessary evil, but just imagine finding out that your parents in fact truly are evil. That would have to be completely crazy, and that is precisely where we meet actress Annie Wersching, who plays Leslie Dean, the super-villainous Mom on the hit show Marvel’s “Runaways”. Wersching has played a range of characters, from an FBI Agent on “24” to a vampire on “The Vampire Diaries”, and when she is not busy portraying the scariest parent in the universe, the St. Louis native can often be found indulging her passion for baseball. The Overhead Compartment was fortunate enough to catch a few innings with the multi-talented Annie Wersching.

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The Overhead Compartment with Annie Wersching begins now…

OC: In the Marvel series “Runaways”, you play a mother who is part of a team of evil parents. As a parent yourself, what was that like?

AW: I certainly saw many examples of the kind of parent I do NOT want to be…Ha! No, but as a parent myself, I can certainly relate to the concept of doing anything necessary to protect my children. Leslie is a Momma Bear at her core.

OC: The concept of the series feels like a modern take on classic themes. How would you describe the show?

AW: “Runaways” is a show about family, good vs evil, coming of age struggles and a lot of other classic themes. But somehow, combining all those elements together with Marvel and Josh and Steph’s ability to weave adult and adolescent storylines together so brilliantly, makes “Runaways” feels completely fresh and unique. I’m so excited for everyone to see it!

OC: You also played the tough and strong FBI agent Renee Walker on “24” and on “The Vampire Diaries”, another strong and fierce character. Is the preparation for these roles more mental or physical?

AW: There was certainly more physical preparation for Renee than most roles I’ve played, but I’d say the mental was the most important. For both Renee and Lilly Salvatore it was all about getting in the mindset of those women and what they’d been through and what was currently happening to them. I miss them both!

OC: What was it like working with Kiefer Sutherland?

AW: Amazing! I learned a ton and we had a lot of fun, maybe a little too much sometimes :)

OC: You grew up in St. Louis. What are three things no visitor to that city should miss?

AW: Busch Stadium of course! The view of the Arch and the city are great and catching a Cardinals game is a must! Also the St. Louis Zoo. We have one of the most amazing zoos in the country in my opinion..and it’s still free! And then I’d say hit up Soulard Market on a Saturday morning…a wonderful farmers market with a lot of local flavor.

OC: What are your top three favorite restaurants anywhere in the world?

AW: Oh man, I wish I could remember the name of this tiny place in Florence my mom and I ate at! It was perfection. So that’s one! Perch in Downtown LA. And McGurk’s Irish Pub in St. Louis.

OC: As a lifelong Cardinals fan living in LA, what’s it like to be surrounded by Dodger fans, especially this year?

AW: Rough! I actually live not too far from Dodgers stadium…we can hear and sometimes see the fireworks after they win! So, that can sting sometimes if it affects the Cards. I’m a diehard Cardinals fan, but also a huge fan of the game. My 7-year-old and I have been known to decide mid-afternoon to jump in the car and go see a random Dodgers game that night just for fun!

OC: What is the secret to keeping your feet on the ground in Hollywood?

AW: You need to surround yourself with a good group of people for sure. Definitely have interests and a life outside of the business to keep you grounded and fulfilled.

OC: What was the most interesting city your work has ever taken you to?

AW: I was on the national tour of Anything Goes right after college and we rehearsed and opened in St. John, New Brunswick. What a magical little town!

OC: What did you do during your downtime?

AW: Hang with my boys! Travel. Chill with friends and family. Play tennis! I recently took up the game again and even joined a couple USTA leagues. It’s so fun!

OC: You have two children, what is your favorite place for a family vacation?

AW: A cabin on a lake! Our family is really up for any kind of travel adventure! We haven’t shied away from any trips just because we have young kids. We enjoy a travel challenge and love having adventures together!

OC: What is the first thing you do when arriving in a hotel room?

AW: Check the view of course!

OC: Complete the following sentence: I never leave home without:

AW: A camera!

Annie Wersching, please use care upon departure as items may have shifted in The Overhead Compartment during our journey. Thanks for choosing us for your travel tips! Have a wonderful day!