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The Overhead Compartment NFL Draft Edition

The Overhead Compartment NFL Draft Edition


Shining a spotlight on celebrities and athletes who love to travel.

The Overhead Compartment is back, and in honor of the upcoming NFL Draft, the Overhead Compartment wanted to offer some travel tips to the projected top five draftees.

1) Jacksonville Jaguars
It is the worst kept secret in sports that Trevor Lawrence, among the most successful quarterbacks in college football history, will end up in Jacksonville, FL, for the Jaguars. The Clemson Tiger should feel right at home with a visit to the Catty Shack Ranch, which rescues Tigers and other big cats from inhumane captivity, offering a safe environment in which to live.
When he needs to get outside, Lawrence can head to the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens, with beautiful hiking trails, streams and lily-covered ponds.
Also, while currently undergoing a renovation, the Friendship Fountain located in St. Johns Town Park is sure to be a do-not-miss with nightly light shows.

2) New York Jets
Zach Wilson from BYU seems destined for the Big Apple with the number two pick to the Jets. The Cougars quarterback should fit right in with the crowds of NYC, as he comes from a huge family and is the oldest of four brothers. When Wilson gets a chance to explore the city he can check out the Central Park Zoo, take in the views at Top of the Rock Observation Deck, or visit any of the world class museums.
Of course having a slice of pizza is a must in the Big Apple, and if Italian food is on his mind Wilson should book a table at Zero Otto Nove in The Bronx, or the secondary location in the Flatiron District. Also found in the Flatiron District is the night club Bounce, but Wilson might want to stay away from there!
Other adventures could include a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty – Zach Wilson will have plenty to keep him busy when not on the field trying to help the NY Jets win games.

3) San Francisco 49ers
It is less certain who exactly will be picked third, but most experts have either Mac Jones or Justin Fields taking the spot. Anyway you look at it, the Crimson Tide or Buckeyes quarterback would each be a nice addition to the Bay area. Both will also love the boat ride to Alcatraz, which is a must, or crossing the Golden Gate Bridge – whether on bicycle or on foot – or the Exploratorium for a truly interactive experience. Both players will also love checking out the sea lions at Fishermans Wharf, grabbing Dim Sum in Chinatown and exploring Haight-Ashbury’s vintage stores and ‘60s nostalgia.

4) Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons are the biggest mystery at the top of the draft: will they make the pick or go for a trade? If they make the pick many think the 6’6” unanimous All-American and John Mackey Award winner Kyle Pitts is slated for the spot. If the Florida Gator does head to Atlanta, he will no doubt want to check out the Georgia Aquarium, which is one of the largest in the world and boasts over 100,000 sea animals including massive whale sharks. Also captivating and world-renowned is the High Museum of Art, housing works from all eras. The white concrete, glass and steel blockbuster is captivating inside and out. Also not to be missed is Little Five Point, home to novelty shops, coffee houses, bookshops and skateboard shops. Of course a visit to the birthplace of Coca-Cola to learn everything about the brand should also be on the schedule, to check out the production process and have a glass of the tasty soda.

5) Cincinnati Bengals
By this point in the draft the choice is always up for grabs, but speculation remains high for either Penei Sewell, the Oregon Ducks Offensive Tackle, or Ja’Marr Chase, the receiver from LSU. Either way, they will love a visit to the Carew Tower, the art-deco edifice which offers stunning views of Cincinnati including the Ohio River and, yes, Paul Brown Stadium too. Of course a stop at the Zoo and Botanical Gardens, with a tour on the express train to see all the animals, must be on the docket. And no day would be complete without a stop at Findlay Market, one of the top ten markets in the world, for fresh, locally sourced produce, cheese, meats, flowers and much more.

Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Kyle Pitts, Penei Sewel, Ja’Marr Chase, please use care upon departure as items may have shifted in The Overhead Compartment during our journey. Thanks for choosing us for your travel tips! Have a wonderful day!