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The Opera Camper, A Luxurious Private Suite On Wheels

The Opera Camper, A Luxurious Private Suite On Wheels

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Camping in the summer is a fresh, rejuvenating experience. But it can also involve quite a few unpleasant surprises, especially if you are one to enjoy luxury and feel reluctant about leaving your “comfort zone”. The Opera is an opulent take on a traditional trailer and comes with so many modern features, that feeling cozy while in the middle of nature will no longer be a problem.

The opera camper is literally a private suite on wheels. This ingenious trailer design combines a compact and practical shape with a modern appearance, all the delight of a tent accommodation and most of all, coyness. Complete freedom and absolute comfort are provided by features, such as:  two electrically adjustable beds that can easily be transformed into one, a boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen, shower, hot air heating, ceramic toiler, refrigerator, low-energy LED lighting and many more. Just like a typical holiday home, only movable and… cooler.

Easy to set up, the Opera camper is a great travel companion, one that will give you all the support you need, when camping in the most spectacular nature environments. This revolutionary design can be purchased online from the official website and the price tag is €27.680,00  plus  € 340,00 (delivery charges).

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