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The New Kindle Oasis

The New Kindle Oasis

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The Oasis, Kindle’s newest e-reader, will be the most expensive but most technologically advanced e-reader the company has released to date. The body is designed to be extremely thin and as light as paper, and each unit comes equipped with a classy leather cover. The battery life has also been extended, promising to offer months’ worth of reading between charges.

As with most high-end e-readers, the Kindle Oasis “goes beyond a book.” It features a plethora of useful applications, including highlighting, note-taking, “Smart Lookup” which allows you to check the dictionary definition of any word without losing your place, and instant translation for passages in foreign languages. Perhaps most intriguing, Oasis offers an “X-Ray” function that, as the website claims, allows the reader to explore the “Bones of the Book”: “See all the passages across a book that mention relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, or topics of interest. The X-Ray timeline view lets you easily flip through notable passages to remind yourself of what’s happened in the book, or navigate easily through images.” Now this is the kind of technological assistance any student of English literature would find invaluable.

The Kindle Oasis is set to be released on April 27, 2016, but it can currently be pre-ordered for $290.