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The Most Expensive USB Flash Drives: The Magic Mushroom Collection

The Most Expensive USB Flash Drives: The Magic Mushroom Collection

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Inspired by the classic novel Alice in Wonderland, Shawish Geneva presents a unique collection of USB flash drives that cost more than a fancy sports car. The most expensive flash drive you can purchase costs $36,000. For this staggering price you get a USB covered in 18 K white gold, emeralds and white diamonds. Shawish Geneva is widely known as the company that created the world’s first all-diamond ring, so this explains why is the price for a mushroom USB stick is so high.

Each USB flash drive is composed of two different sections: the head, covered in stones and the stem, made of gold. The luxury gadget has a storage capacity of 32GB, but what boosts its price is, undoubtably, the amount of precious stones (rubies, sapphires, emeralds and white diamonds). The cheapest “luxury mushroom” costs  $16,500.

The Magic Mushroom collection aims to remind us of childhood or at least, that’s what the company says. Anyway, if you have a lot of money and you have no idea what to do with them, you could start investing in gadgets that cost a fortune. Long story short, we suggest that next time you look for something priceless for the special women in your lives, don’t go for regular jewellery. Choose something less usual, fashionable and why not, useful. Like this piece of …”tech”.