Is it a motorcycle? A car? A fighter plane?

The answer is the Morgan Threewheeler.

The Geneva auto show brings us this fun little vehicle, courtesy of the Morgan Motor Company.

The Threewheeler design dates back to 1911. It is intentionally shaped like a vintage airplane fuselage, giving it a serious dose of nostalgia as well as sleekness.

The 21st century Threewheeler has a 115-horsepower V-twin motorcycle engine and a leather-padded cockpit with aircraft-style instrumentation.

Morgan says the vehicle is safe, fuel efficient – and ready to sell. The base price will be $40,000, and Morgan is ready to take orders. You can get yours in various styles – including British Royal Air Force and United States military decals, a shark nose, national flags and the Morgan-wings insignia.

Delivery time is expected to be late 2011/early 2012.

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