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The Latest McDaddy from McLaren

The Latest McDaddy from McLaren

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Coral Gables, Florida

When I get an invitation for an event at The Collection luxury auto dealership, I can always bet that I am in for a treat. The latest invite was for the January 2012 presentation of the new swanky McLaren showroom, as well as their all-new sports car, the MP4-12C. All I Can say is….Wow!

As I arrived into the dealership’s elegant porte-cochere, my senses became almost overwhelmed with the range of breathtaking customer cars, ranging from the latest Aston-Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and of course, the star of the show, the spectacular MP4-12C! As I grab my glass of champagne, I head directly to the new McLaren showroom which would soon be filling up with VIP’s. With just one look, I can say that their newest display area is on par with the amazing vehicle from McLaren. Standing in the middle of the room one can’t help but to notice the modern, sleek design, featuring double height ceilings, glass-walled offices as well as an elegant sitting area that features McLaren accessories available for the MP4-12C aficionado. Enough about the showroom, let’s talk about the star of the event. As I sipped on the bubbly and ate elegant canapé’s, I could not stop staring at the surgically precise design of the newest McLaren super car. There are amazing details, like the perfectly executed carbon fiber accoutrements, that assist in channeling the aerodynamics as well as help with cooling and handling, plus the LED tail lamps and the glass covered engine bay, that looks more like a work of art than a powerplant. Of course, the forward opening, scissor-like doors are a signature piece of the MP4-12C. These alone, created a stir with the guests.

There were several vehicles open and available for personal inspection that gave the guests a chance to sit inside and experience the interior of the vehicle first hand. Once inside this technological marvel, you can’t help but to be amazed by the simple elegance of the cockpit. Make no mistake; this is a serious driver’s car, yet it’s one that offers the perfect balance of performance and luxury. Leather and carbon fiber is placed in all the right places without being over-the-top. Fit and finish is perfection redefined and the technology is, well; McLaren.

The night’s event was full of wonderful entertainment, including a trio of beautiful ladies playing electronic violins featuring “dueling sessions” in addition to a top notch DJ and two full bars. Mid-way through the evening, Mr. Ken Gorin, President and CEO of The Collection as well as Mr. Ron Dennis, Executive Chairman and Mr. Tony Joseph, Regional Director McLaren, spoke about the newest addition to the dealership as well as their latest pride and joy, the MP4-12C. This, the latest road car made by the storied McLaren factory in the UK, went on sale December 2011. The MSRP is: $229,000.00 and global production for 2012 is expected to be 1,500 vehicles. Power comes from a V8, 3.8 liter, twin turbo engine with 592 HP, giving the MP4-12C a 0-60 MPH time of: 3.2 seconds.