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The Johnnie Walker House Opens in Shanghai

The Johnnie Walker House Opens in Shanghai

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Johnnie Walker has opened The Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai’s Sinan Mansions on May 19, 2011. The Johnnie Walker House is the first of its kind outside of Scotland and marks a new chapter for whisky culture in China. Interactive sensory journeys, inspirational forums and luxury dinners make this house a unique experience for every guest. Here’s the official news from Johnnie Walker:

JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™, Embassy of Scotch Whisky Culture, Opened in Shanghai

Celebrities and the social elite joined in the celebrations. Xia Yu, who was a named winner at The 51st Venice Film Festival; Chen Kun, winner of both the Huabiao and Baihua award; and Peter Chan, the influential film director and producer, took part in the unveiling ceremony and were witness to the exciting moment when the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ was first opened. The three celebrity guests, along with JOHNNIE WALKER®’s Master Blender, Dr. Jim Beveridge, led a tour for distinguished guests inside The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ and engaged them in an interactive exploration of centuries-old whisky culture, from the shores of Scotland to the luxury of Shanghai.

“The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ is one of a kind, a fascinating place to have a conversation about whisky and a place that stimulates all of your senses,” says Xia Yu. “It was an honor to take part in the opening ceremony as it helped me to learn more about the fascinating history of whisky and the incredible journey of the JOHNNIE WALKER® family, an amazing story that will inspire us all.”

“When we talk to people about blending, we don’t lecture or talk at them. We like people to gather round and have what we call a whisky conversation,” says the JOHNNIE WALKER® Master Blender, Dr Jim Beveridge. “The House is inspired by the ‘Whisky Conversation,’ and is the first whisky embassy in China creating a new milestone for whisky culture and marking a new chapter in the epic JOHNNIE WALKER® story.”

At dusk, Gilbert Ghostine, President, Diageo Asia Pacific and Joseph Tcheng, Managing Director, Diageo Greater China, JOHNNIE WALKER® Master Blender Dr. Jim Beveridge and the three celebrity guests Peter Chen, Chen Kun, and Xia Yu cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™. The three celebrity guests all described their personal connection with JOHNNIE WALKER® and how the brand’s “Keep Walking” spirit has permeated their own lives and careers. After the ribbon was cut the distinguished guests were invited to a toast, marked with the first tasting of the Special Commemorative Edition, JOHNNIE WALKER® 1910. This whisky has been specially created for The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ using tasting notes and recipes discovered from that time. It symbolizes the one hundred years of growth and discovery by JOHNNIE WALKER® since it first arrived in China in 1910. JOHNNIE WALKER® 1910 will only be available in China from The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™.

“The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ will inspire the next generation of individuals through the voices of those who have become leaders in their field. It is an amazing concept,” says Peter Chan, “to have a special house as the home of the global brand that most represents progress and inspiration in China, it is something that I totally support. My career has been a journey; I hope that people like me can share their stories to encourage progress in others.”

The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ is an embassy for whisky culture that will inspire new generations through the voice of progressive individuals and their personal story with whisky. Xia Yu, Chen Kun, Peter Chan are the first to share their personal understanding of whisky culture and inspirational experiences in The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™.

Special Edition Commemorative JOHNNIE WALKER® 1910

A light, fruity, fragrant, citrus, vanilla sweet with delicate autumn bonfire smoke. Smooth, warming, rich, elegant taste.

The perfect serve: Place an ice cube in a whisky tumbler and pour a serving of 1910 over this. The ice must be as cold as possible i.e. taken from a freezer not an ice making machine. The whisky tumbler is preferably the design which has a rounded base and slightly tapered sides (to catch the aroma), just like the one used for JW Blue Label. The aim is to chill the whisky as much as possible, without adding too much ice. Chilling 1910 makes the liquid thicker and more luxurious.