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The Goring: A Hotel Fit for Royalty

The Goring: A Hotel Fit for Royalty

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Since its opening in 1910, the Goring has been a favorite of the Royal Family and their guests. Due to its proximity to the Queen’s residence, the hotel has sometimes been considered an ‘annex’ of Buckingham Palace. Indeed, the Goring is the closest chance any ‘commoner’ has to experiencing a Royal lifestyle. The footmen at the hotel are trained similarly to the footmen at Buckingham Palace, and their red uniforms make them a charmingly aristocratic sight.


The Goring was briefly closed for renovations in 2015, but other than this necessary respite the building has been open to guests for over a hundred years straight. Jeremy Goring, the current CEO, was sorry that the hotel had to close even temporarily. “But it was worth it,” he said. “The whole hotel is luxurious and glamorous, it recognizes our past, but it’s also sophisticated and very contemporary.”


Kate Middleton is the Royal most strongly associated with the Goring currently. On the night before her wedding to Prince William, Middleton stayed in the appropriately named Royal Suite where the rates start at £8,400 per night. Middleton has also left her mark on the hotel in other ways. In the lobby there are elaborate, hand painted wallpapers, and in one particular section is a unicorn on which Kate Middleton herself painted a few finishing touches.


As evidenced by the recent renovation, the Goring intends to stay current and relevant. One of their big plans for the summer of 2016 is “The Goring Gin Garden.” In partnership with Hepple Gin, the Goring will be celebrating this uniquely British spirit. The Gin Garden will run through the entire summer.