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Golden Dreams And the iPhone 5 Luxury Collection

Golden Dreams And the iPhone 5 Luxury Collection

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The Swiss luxury design company, Golden Dreams, realises the world’s most luxurious iPhone collections. The latest iPhone 5 collection is presented through: the Gold 24 ct. edition and the Desert edition. The precious fusion of gold and leather aims to tickle the senses of the rich and famous, offering them the ultimate luxury experience. With the exclusive line of tech-jewellery products, Golden Dreams creates unique works of art, characterised by functionality, elegance, exclusivity and last but  not least, prestige. “All models are fashioned, inspired and guaranteed by the traditional excellence of Swiss jewellers and watch makers.”

The Gold Edition reveals a delicate golden and sparkling mirror-like surface. The precious wrapping confers to the owner a special status and power. The Gold Edition iPhone is available in white or black with 24 ct-gold plating and it can be purchased for (at least) $3,066. That’s three times and a half the normal price.


The Desert Edition surprises with an interesting  alligator texture that inspires sophistication. An item that exhales wild elegance that “reveals the perfection of the luxurious leather.” An iPhone crafted with the finest Mississippi alligator leather will cost you around  $3,130. Exclusivity doesn’t come cheap, isn’t it?


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