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The Coolest Engagement Ring Your Fiancée Never Knew She Wanted

The Coolest Engagement Ring Your Fiancée Never Knew She Wanted

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Congratulations!  Your dating days are done.  You know you won’t find one better; She’s The One.  So what do you do if she’s the type that will look to endlessly upgrade?  Don’t worry.  We’ve found a ring for that.

TU Duality Engagement Ring Closed

CADAR is a fine jewelry collection that launched less than two years ago with Founder and Designer, Michal Kadar, who has already been recognized as the Fashion Group International 2016 Rising Star Award Recipient for Fine Jewelry.

While Kadar’s collection has a lot of amazing pieces, the masterpiece — in our opinion — is the trademarked singular design of CADAR’s TU Ring.

TU Duality Engagement Ring Open

An Art Nouveau play on “two” and “to you,” the TU is an expression of unity, harmony and balance comprised of dual elements: originally depicted as a gold and diamond folding jacket that envelops a platinum and diamond solitaire ring, rendered in CADAR’s themes of light, water and life.

TU Trio Engagement Ring Open

The TU Ring can be worn in a variety of ways — the jacket or (upgradeable) solitaire, each worn alone or together.

Look for the “Light” TU Ring as well as a TU version in CADAR’s “Water” and “Bloom” suites, and their new “Reflections” and “Endless” suites in Bergdorf Goodman (starting early August 2016) as well as in the brand’s new flagship atelier in the Fuller Building at 595 Madison Ave.

TU Trio Engagement Ring Closed