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The Cave Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

The Cave Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

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Every restaurant comes with a unique dining experience. Or at least it should. Today we would like to showcase a design that brings a charming theme to the table,to the the walls and even to the food served here. The Cave Restaurant was designed by Koichi Takada Architects  and is located in Sydney, Australia.

The original design theme derived from a simple fact: the architects wanted a restaurant where acoustics would be an important element to consider: “We have experimented with noise levels in relation to the comfort of dining and the ambiance a cave like environment can create. The timber profiles generate a sound studio atmosphere, and a pleasant ‘noise’ of dining conversation, offering a more intimate experience as well as a visually interesting and complex surrounding“. Several acoustic curvatures were at the basis of this restaurant design, each constructed with the help of special 3D modeling computer programs and using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology.

The result is a highly intriguing interior design, with a unique and appealing layout. The curves combine with the intricate lighting scheme in order to create a lovely atmosphere. Socializing is encouraged; this is a good place for large parties with friends, birthdays and other stylish gatherings.

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