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The Best Places to Celebrate National Daiquiri Day in NYC

The Best Places to Celebrate National Daiquiri Day in NYC

July 19th is National Daiquiri Day, and what better way to celebrate the summer than a cold, decadent concoction of silky rum and tantalizing tropical flavors? Here are a few places to hit to indulge in this decadent day:


The Rum House | 7 Days of Daiquiris 

It’s worth braving Times Square to visit The Rum House, which has been around for almost 10 years and a leader in brown spirits. Celebrating with the“7 Days of Daiquiri” menu, which 30% will also be donated to World Central Kitchen, a non-profit devoted to giving back to the motherlands of rum  (Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and other Central American countries).


Gotham Bar & Grill | Spring Daiquiri 
Michelin Star Gotham Bar & Grill is a New York City classic, and Head Bartender Jason Hedges never disappoints with his take on innovative ingredients and old classic cocktails.  His daiquiri features lemongrass, ginger and lime.
Slowly Shirley | FAF Daiquiri 
The subterranean speakeasy bar in Greenwich Village is the perfect place to escape the heat and sip on the FAF Daiquiri made by owner Jim Kearns.
The Time New York | Cantaloupe Daiquiri 
The Time New York hotel’s lobby level LeGrande Lounge is featuring a Cantaloupe Daiquiri, made up of muddled Cantaloupe, coconut vodka and topped with club soda for a bit of sparkle.


Cantaloupe Daiquiri 

Fresh Muddle Cantaloupe

2 OZ of Coconut Ciroc

1/3 OZ Triple Sec 

1 OZ of Simple Syrup 

1/2 OZ Lemon Juice

Topped with Club Soda 

Garnish: Cantaloupe and Mint.