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The $500 Million Bel Air Mansion Is The Most Expensive Home Ever Built

The $500 Million Bel Air Mansion Is The Most Expensive Home Ever Built

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Mega, giga and other superlative words are not sizable enough to put together to give an idea about the upcoming 100,000 square feet home in California. Being labeled as the most expensive home for $500 million, the new, in-the-making Bel Air mansion is twice the size of the White House.

most_expensive_home_500_million_bel_air_maul_mcclean_11Nestled in the affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles, the half a billion dollar property is being developed by American film producer and real estate developer Nile Niami. Nicknamed, The One, the project is being designed by Paul McClean. The 47 year old chief architect sums up his opinion about eye-popping estate as “We’re trying to sell a lifestyle, a sense of how people imagine they would live.”most_expensive_home_500_million_bel_air_maul_mcclean_5The project, located on a 4-acre hilltop in Bel Air, just west of Beverly Hills, is set to be completed by 2017. The grand estate is planned to include over-the-top luxury features like five swimming pools, a Monaco-style casino, a nightclub with VIP access, a four-lane bowling alley and much more. The walls of glass are designed to disappear while marble and clean lines accencuate the expanse.most_expensive_home_500_million_bel_air_maul_mcclean_4For $500 million, McClean’s biggest ever project also boasts of a 5,000-square-foot master bedroom, a two-story waterfall, a temperature-controlled room for storing fresh flowers, a 40-seat screening room, a cigar lounge and an indoor-outdoor dance floor as well as a 30-car garage.most_expensive_home_500_million_bel_air_maul_mcclean_3Designed to accommodate almost every amenity available in the world, it will also be home 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms, a gym, a hair and nail salon.most_expensive_home_500_million_bel_air_maul_mccleanTo stand out of the crowd, the modern-day palace will also come with a lounge with jellyfish tanks replacing the walls and ceilings.

McClean also revealed, “We have a full security center that comes straight from the Death Star. We have to have secondary corridors so staff can get around.” He also added that a mansion this size “has to be able to entertain on a grand scale. Otherwise, why would you need it?”Towering over Bel Air’s Stradella Road and overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains and downtown Los Angeles, The One boasts neighbors including Jennifer Aniston and Elon Musk.

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