We all like to be entertained and when entertainment comes as a true personalized experience then we can’t ask for more. Simroom brings wonderful concepts for the people who are enthusiastic about personalized entertainment and simulation. Different motion simulators by Simroom like DisplayStation 1, VisionRacer – 32, etc., are great gaming rigs that offer a real time and closest simulation of racing games. But, one of the simulators that stands apart and promises true luxurious entertainment for individuals is SimPod 1.

The Simroom has exquisitely designed SimPod 1 so as to offer high-end simulation environments. The design has integration of TOOB dome screen and D-BOX for flat screen as large as 55 inches. It is available in custom branding so as to suit one’s personal requirements. A great benefit of SimPod 1 is that it can be used for flying and driving simulations and offers a complete immersive gameplay experience. The isolation can be changed with the help of door that can be lifted up or down. Again, this design can be accustomed with desired applications and custom additions. As you know, luxury doesn’t come cheap; the price of the luxurious rig is US $25,000.