Motor Trend magazine on Monday named Tesla’s all-electric Model S sedan as its 2013 Car of the Year. Model S is the first all-electric car to garner the honor which is bestowed each year by the staff of Motor Trend. The Model S was also the first unanimous choice for the award, the magazine reported. The Model S goes for $50,000 on the base version that can go 160 miles on a charge. The top model sells for nearly $100,000 and can go 300 miles.

“At its core, the Tesla Model S is simply a damned good car you happen to plug in to refuel,” editor-at-large Angus MacKenzie stated.

Ironically, during the hard-fought Presidential campaign that preceded the election, Republican candidate Mitt Romney called Tesla a “loser” company. Recalling Romney’s remark, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, “In retrospect he was right about the object of that statement, but not the subject.”