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Ten Most Amazing Gifts At Harrods This Christmas

Ten Most Amazing Gifts At Harrods This Christmas

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One of the world’s most famous department store celebrates the holiday season with covetable Christmas gifts for everyone. We have already hitched a ride aboard 2013 Harrods Christmas Express windows. It’s time to step inside to explore a selection of gifts on offer, most of which are exclusively available at Harrods only.

Dalmore Paterson Whisky Collection 

Dalmore_Paterson_Whisky_CollectionThe Paterson Collection comprises of twelve unique whiskies from the visionary Richard Paterson, Master Distiller of The Dalmore. The $1.6 million masterpiece collection is housed within a magnificent bespoke cabinet, along with twelve handcrafted crystal decanters, each adorned with a sterling silver collar and stag.

The Decadence Hamper

Harrods_The_Decadence_hamperExclusively created by experts from the Harrods Food Halls and Wine Rooms, this limited-edition hamper includes the most distinguished produce from all over the world. The beautiful trunk contains an over the top assortment with high-quality champagne, wines, confectionery along with fresh caviar, foie gras and charcuterie as well as luxury crackers. It is available for about $32,600.

Jack RowHoard Paper Knife

Jack_RowHoard_Paper_KnifeThe $10,000 Hoard paper knife is a contemporary, silver desk accessory shaped out of sterling silver and 18ct gold wire. The six 2.0mm faceted rubies add a touch of X’mas element to this gift option which will leave a lasting impressing even without cutting a single paper.

Dom Pérignon Jeff Koons Rosé Champagne

Dom_PérignonJeff_Koons_Rosé_ChampagneRaise a toast to celebrate the merry moments with Dom Pérignon Jeff Koons Rosé Champagne which is encased in gift box exclusively designed by Jeff Koons. This special edition 2013 rosé Champagne is up for $550 at the store.

Estée Lauder Beautiful Harrods Christmas Bear Compact Estée_Lauder_Harrods_Christmas_Bear_Compact

This exclusive to Harrods product is the most charming stocking filler for a gorgeous lady. Wrapped in a cheery winter sweater, this gold bear holds long-lasting solid perfume under its belly for $280.

Vintage Design Luxury Christmas Crackers 

Harrods_Christmas_crackersAvailable as the most expensive Christmas cracker of the season, these 6 exquisite luxury crackers are decorated with the finest trims, creating the beautiful vintage-inspired design. Up for $1,000, each cracker contains handmade bespoke headgear, humour and trivia booklet and a superb individually wrapped gift.

Steiff Sebastian Christmas Bear 

HArrods_sebastin_bearHarrods Bears are loved by many all over the world and make an ideal gift during the gifting season. Grab the $260 Steiff Sebastian which is beautiful interpretation of the 2013 Harrods Christmas Bear.

Versace Book Plus

Versace_book_plusFrom the world of Harrods wheels out a luxurious baby system that combines a stroller, a bassinet and a car seat without any fuss. Book Plus moves around with a Versace as well as versatility tag for $4,400. Other gift ideas for kids at the store includes a wide range of winter wear collection from Armani Junior, Dior, Fendi, Ralph Lauren and Burberry too.

Golden Olive Oil 

Golden_Olive_OilWe all are aware of the heart-healthy benefits of extra-virgin olive oil. But did you know about the oil with blingy benefits? Golden Olive Oil is a luxurious version of extra virgin olive oil, as it is infused with 24 karat edible gold flakes. This limited edition healthy-meant-for-wealthy olive oil (200 ml) is available for $1,200.

Swarovski Crystal Tweezer 


This bejeweled stainless steel tweezer will make a perfect easy-on-pocket dazzling stocking gift. Studded with pink Swarovski crystals, it is up for $130.

Just head to iconic Knightsbridge store and splash out on a range of delightful treats, making it an exclusive Harrods Christmas this year.