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Technology’s Like Magic: The Touch-Free Controller Known As Leap Motion

Technology’s Like Magic: The Touch-Free Controller Known As Leap Motion

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This summer we will be able to test the brand new touch-free controller called Leap Motion.

What is Leap Motion?

Do you remember the excitement and thrill of touchscreen technology? A couple of years ago, everybody was looking forward to testing the touchscreen smartphones, tablets and computers. Those days are long gone. As technology evolved we expected new gadgets to enter our lives, gadgets capable of pushing the limits forward, reaching a more exciting experience, in terms of usability. To put it in simple words, Leap Motion is …some sort of new revolution. A device, that helps you interact with your Mac or PC, without touching it. So, how can this be possible? Through finger gestures, of course. Just like magic! You’re the wizard, but there’s no magic wand. Wave your hand, lift your fingers and there you have it! You control your computer with ease. Less effort, less cleaning. Let’s face it, who wants a dirty screen, that needs to be cleaned after each use?

What does it do?

It helps you interact with your computer in a natural way.It senses “how you move your hands, the way you move them naturally. So you can point, wave, reach, and grab. Even pick something up and put it down. Just like in real life.” The controller is a tiny little device (3 inch long) that takes up hardly any space on your desk. Despite being small, it really does magic!

Magic-Leap-MotionSmall-Device-Leap-Motion Small-Leap-Motion

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