Koenigsegg makes some amazing looking vehicles. It’s a bold step for them – and perhaps the best thing for restoring Saab. This way the struggling automaker won’t get lost in the shuffle at a larger firm.

Maybe you have never head of Koenigsegg. But the tiny Swedish luxury carmaker, pronounced (KOH-nigs-egg), is now the lead owner of Saab. GM announced Tuesday that it has struck a tentative deal to sell the storied brand, which started as a Swedish aircraft maker. Whether the Koenigsegg-led consortium purchasing Saab can return it to its former glory remains to be seen. But analysts say returning Saab to its Swedish roots is key. Von Koenigsegg, a sports car fanatic and entrepreneur who is the company’s chief executive, said new owners would try to restore some of the brand’s heritage while finding a place in the market between upscale and mainstream. – From Lehigh Valley Live