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Swarovski Pair of Eagles, Limited Edition 2015 Soars High

Swarovski Pair of Eagles, Limited Edition 2015 Soars High

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Celebrating Swarovski’s 120 years history of innovation and crystal craftsmanship, the Austrian crystal maker unveils the Pair of Eagles, Limited Edition 2015. Regarded as a symbol of power, honor, courage, wisdom, healing as well as spiritual protection worldwide, the large bird has been exceptionally designed into a single dazzling piece of art. Swarovski_Pair_of_Eagles_2015_2Depicting two birds in a territorial fight, the Swarovski figurine boasts of a skillful combination of precious metal and precision cut clear and black crystal. Hand signed by the artist Martin Zendron, this authentic pair of eagles makes an impressive centerpiece in any home or office.Swarovski_Pair_of_Eagles_2015_1

Flaunting rhodium finish claws and beaks, the Pair of Eagles which is an exclusive 2015 limited edition is available for $5,500. Swarovski_Pair_of_Eagles_2015