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Swarovski Dresses Up Daisy Duck Limited Edition 2015

Swarovski Dresses Up Daisy Duck Limited Edition 2015

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While Donald Duck dazzled with Swarovski as he turned 81, his girlfriend Daisy Duck has also got a stunning, complementary makeover. Swarovski launches Daisy Duck Limited Edition 2015 as she turns 75 years. Daisy_Duck_Limited_Edition_2015_Swarovsk_1Created in 1940 by Walt Disney Productions, Daisy is an anthropomorphic white duck who also happens to be the graceful, glamorous and loyal best friend of Minnie Mouse. Swarovski immortalizes this iconic Disney character with over 20,000 crystals in various colors set in the exclusive Pointiage technique. Designed to stand out as a true statement piece, each creation takes more than 110 hours to craft by hand.

Standing on a granite base, this unique work of art is limited to 150 pieces worldwide. The individual edition number is engraved on the base. Sized at 10 x 6 5/8 x 5 inches, Daisy Duck Limited Edition 2015 is available for $8,900.