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Surreal Furniture from Harow

Surreal Furniture from Harow

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French design company Harow is notable for their unusual furniture. Each item is considered first as a work of art, and then the design is refined so that it can be incorporated into the home as a functional piece of furniture.

Harow has received some buzz lately for their skull armchairs: these pieces, which are available in gold and black, both with luxurious black velvet cushions, look like the thrones for fantasy villains. Each chair is individually handcrafted in Paris, and the one gilded with 24k gold will run you about half a million dollars.

In addition to their creepy skull armchairs, Harow also has a number of other odd and beautiful furniture in various stages of the design process. One of the most impressive pieces is a magnificently macabre “Jesus” table. This glass top table is shaped like a cross; in the mock up images, the transparent table is placed atop a rug which features an image of Christ.

If intense religious art is not your thing, the company is also working on a number of other secular pieces, including cabinets with cleverly placed shelves that spell out the words “DRINK ME” or “READ ME”, to be used as liquor cabinets and bookcases respectively. One of the most beautiful pieces listed under the company’s current projects is an eerily attractive iceberg side table.