The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama displays an inviting contemporary headquarters in Royal National Park, Cardiff, UK thanks to the architects from BFLS. Bordering the country’s largest and most beautiful urban parks, the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama contributes to the cultural and architectural identity of Cardiff and Wales. Its dynamic shape and distinct modern architecture shelters three performance and rehearsal spaces, teaching rooms, studios and library facilities. Created as to inspire and motivate its occupants, the impressive structure houses incredible acoustics, facilities and learning spaces.

The front facade proudly displays a sumptuous roof line that seems to be resting on the column-like windows. Two distinct volumes shape the front side – one of pure white and a rounded one. These are visible from the main entrance, but there are in fact three parts of the building connected by that floating roof. The park side of the building surprises the eye with a double portion of that rounded volume, reflecting it in the river running nearby. The finishing touches were eco-friendly solutions – a green roof, natural ventilation and ground source heating and cooling.