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Now You Can Actually Summon Your Tesla From Your Phone

Now You Can Actually Summon Your Tesla From Your Phone

Last Fall, Tesla Version 7.0 software introduced a range of new Autopilot active safety and convenience features to give Tesla owners more confidence behind the wheel, increase safety on the road, and make highway driving more enjoyable. The release of the new Tesla Version 7.1 software continues improvements to self-driving technology, expands Autopilot functionality, and introduces the first iteration of Summon.

That’s right.  Summon.


Now, using Summon, you can arrive home and exit your Model S or Model X and just let it do the rest: open your garage door, enter your garage, park itself, and shut down.

Or, in the morning, wake up, walk out the front door, and summon your car. It will open the garage door and come to greet you.

Imagine the ease, the convenience… the not having the burden of having to squeeze in and out of tight parking spots!

For now, it seems Teslas can autopilot and come when you call.  Eventually, your Tesla may be able to drive anywhere across the country to meet you, sync with your calendar to know exactly when to arrive, and probably even charge itself along the way.

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