Baud is a daring and artistic collection of furniture, that manages to capture the essence of the ocean, boasting a wavy and curly design. Reminding us of vacation and of sunny skies, Vito Selma‘s Baud collection captures the motion of waves, enhancing the feeling of freedom, relaxation and summer breeze. Apparently, Vito Selma strongly connects his work with his hometown, Cebu, in Philippines. He is a dedicated artist, with a real passion for woodcrafting. The Baud collection is composed of a very curvaceous seating and an elegant table. The items are characterised by complex shapes. This elaborated design “masks” in fact, the artist’s love for simplicity. Despite the ocean-like curves, his work displays the nakedness of wood. Imagine yourself, disconnected from the urban chaos, nearby the ocean, enjoying its smooth and salty flavour, with an icy cocktail, exploring the curvy lines of the comfortable Baud seating. Oh, the lovely summer dreams!

Back to Baud, here’s what the artists says about his exquisite and impressive work: “Few languages capture the essence of the wave quite like the Cebuano variant; almost perfectly emulating the smoothness and solidness of water as it crashes against the surf, the sift and swirl of water as it curls inward and out from itself.”