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Stylish Headphones By Aedle Enhancing The Music Listening Experience

Stylish Headphones By Aedle Enhancing The Music Listening Experience

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Undoubtably, the French have an exquisite sense of style. As a consequence, they usually dictate trends and start fashion revolutions.  We see French designers as gods of fashion. We adore them and we admire their collections. We like their sophistication and their artistic vision. We mix colours as they say, we watch catwalk presentations. All this because we want to stay “in style”.

Meet the VK-1 headphones from Aedle. Three words: elegance, sleekness, precision. In case you wonder what has this to do with style, the answer is simple: VK-1 transcends the boundaries of sublime style. Aedle is a French-based startup focusing on bringing style to the world of tech. The company’s purpose is to deliver high-end products characterised by an impeccable finishing. When buying an item, people usually focus on one of the following aspects: performance or design. Aedle’s vision was to focus on both of these. Just like Apple.

“Combining latest audio technologies with traditional craftmanship, the VK-1 embed high-performance titanium-neodymium transducers in a minimalistic designed body entirely made of noble materials. Each of the VK-1 aluminum parts are sculpted one by one in a virgin aluminium ingot. Handsewn genuine lambskin leather for headband and cushions.”

The headphones are an excellent choice for those who want to stand out. Wonderfully crafted, the VK-1 headphones are available in two versions: the  Classic Edition and the Carbon Limited Edition. Price: $350.