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Stylish and Artistic Hand-Drawn wallpaper from Abigail Edwards

Stylish and Artistic Hand-Drawn wallpaper from Abigail Edwards

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Walls that express the owner’s personal style and a carefully studied design should adorn every stylish home. We would like to show you a few beautifully designed wallpapers that combine inspiration, experience and talent in three beautiful patterns. Created by Abigail Edwards, the wallpapers are printed in one of the few remaining traditional wallpaper printers in Lancashire, UK. The original illustrations have unique details enhanced by the manufacturing method and they were printed with a hand-mixed non-toxic water-based ink.

Abigail Edwards studied fine art at Wimbledon School of Art in London and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and she gathered experience in fields like interior styling, design and consultancy. Her works extend further into design, experimenting with different angles of the field. Her fantastic wallpaper designs include the Seascape wallpaper in the summer and winter versions, the Owls of the British Isles wallpaper, the Briar Owl wallpaper in silver and gold.

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