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Stir Kinetic Desk From Former Apple Engineer

Stir Kinetic Desk From Former Apple Engineer

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A desk has always been the core of a work area. But with the advent of desktop computers, laptops and other  devices, the desk has transformed in to an uber-productive workspace for billions around the world. Stirring more innovation into this product is the Stir Kinetic Desk. Priced at $3,900 and launched by Stirworks, it is the world’s first learning height-adjustable desk.

stir_kinetic_deskThis ground-breaking height-changing, high-tech desk has been designed by the founder of the company, J.P. Labrosse. He also happens to be an ex-Apple engineer who played the role of the iPod engineering team leader. All set to go big, Labrosse’s company has bagged a $1.5 million seed round led by Vegas TechFund with participation from multiple angels, including serial biomedical entrepreneur Josh Makower, John R. Woodard, Richard Klein, and multiple Apple alumni.

stir_kinetic_desk_2Inspired to increase productivity at work and at the same time enhance well-being by boosting health of the user, Labrosse came up with a work of art creation. The Stir Kinetic Desk functions as a standing as well as sitting desk but backed with impressive technology. The product page states that the desk moves with the user throughout your day, helping to keep fit, energized, and inspired. Go from a seated to a standing position with a simple double tap on the touchscreen.

stir_kinetic_desk_3The smart desk is driven by software and is designed to adapt to the user’s work style. Fitted with thermal presence sensor, it keeps a track of the user’s arrival and records the standing time. Based on the user’s patterns and preferences, it rises and falls by one inch, just like its breathing. This Whisperbreath feature gently moves the desk, inviting the user to change position too and burn calories in bargain.


stir_kinetic_desk_4While some may feel pampered at all the attention showered by the desk, lazy butts may not approve of the desk’s insistence to optimize fitness and productivity.

Stir_Kinetic_Desk_detailEquipped with bluetooth, wi-fi hardware and a built-in touchscreen, the desk also syncs with wellness and fitness apps. Fitted with built-in ports for both AC and USB power, the Stir Kinetic Desk will also keep the work area free from the clutter of chords.

stir_kinetic_desk_5Bringing movement into a user’s everyday life, the desk also promises to move the graph of productivity to a higher level. Though launched last year, the Los Angeles-based company is currently taking orders for the second run of the Stir Kinetic Desk which is scheduled to hit offices and homes by spring.

Learn more at Stirworks

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