With Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson speeding toward the honor of the top selling book of 2011, it’s no surprise that anything related to late Apple exec is ‘hot’. That includes his eyewear.

The glasses that Jobs is wearing on the cover of his biography are finding favor with fans. The minimalist, circular frames worn by Jobs are made by a German company, Lunor. The model was the Lunor Classic Round.

Distributors of the frames report ‘dramatically increased’ sales since Jobs death, and the release of Isaacson’s book. The price varies, but reports indicate you should expect to pay $450 or more.

Finding Lunor eyewear isn’t that simple, as the small company doesn’t provide a list of retailers on their website. A call to your local eyewear specialist is your best bet. Or online – but beware of copycats, as they are already cropping up.