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Stealth Workout Device Turns Planking into Playtime

Stealth Workout Device Turns Planking into Playtime

Has this time out of the gym left you feeling sluggish and a little out of shape? Or are you maybe just needing an excuse to really get into the game? The problem isn’t that home exercise is too challenging, it’s that it’s too boring. But maybe not anymore.

Pursuitist happened upon a new portable workout device that gamifies your workout — literally. Stealth is a tool that, along with your smartphone, works 29 muscle groups, all while you play video games.

Founder Howie Panes, a certified personal trainer for over 20 years, created Stealth to make a home workout that feels more like entertainment. “The plank is one of the most dynamic and rewarding moves you can do for your body,” Panes asserts. So he turned the posture into play.

Twist, turn, pivot, and hold on for that high score while planking for points. With Stealth, your body becomes the game controller. We love how easy it is to just slip your phone into the slot, choose your game, and start building a core to die for.