Set in the enchanting region of Villennes-sur-Seine, France, Mansion V is a lovely dream home of Anglo-Norman inspiration, renovated by Olivier Chabaud, a very talented French architect. A classic mansion was adapted to the modern lifestyle of the owners, while keeping its charming sophisticated flair intact and untainted. Burgundy stone, marble and raw wood embellish the interior, adding a sense of warmth and refinement. The décor almost lures you to pour a glass of wine and enjoy the magnificent outdoor scenery. The imposing interior boasts high ceilings, a lovely wall library and a stuccoed fireplace.

Maison-V-02-800x532White is the dominant colour, enhancing the feeling of openness.  The house also features an amazing rustic inspired kitchen, an entertainment room (billiard table included), several storage units and a neat master bedroom with lovely views of the rear courtyard. A panel of glass connects the back of the house with the social lounge area, where the annexes are, including a wood-frame pool house and a gym. A green playground perfect for outdoor recreational activities encompasses the mansion. The picturesque French home highlights the perfectly balanced mix of classic and modern. Maison-V-04-800x532 Maison-V-03-800x550-01Maison-V-16-800x532Maison-V-05-800x532Maison-V-07-800x550-01 Maison-V-06-800x524Maison-V-09-800x532Maison-V-15-800x550-01Maison-V-14-800x532 Maison-V-10-800x550-01Maison-V-12-800x550-01