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Soothe: Massage on Demand, Reviewed

Soothe: Massage on Demand, Reviewed

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The “Uber for ______” model may seem never-ending these days-  from housekeepers to hotels, it’s growing easier and faster to book online instead of heading to a brick and mortar store. We’ve tested (and loved) many of these services, which allow almost all of our pampering to be done at the push of a button.

So when popular massage app Soothe launched in Washington, DC this summer, we jumped at the chance to try it out.

The concept is simple. Just complete a short registration with the app and enter your desired address. Choose your preferred massage type, including deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage or even a couple’s treatment.

Prices are reasonable, starting at $99 for a 60-minute treatment and extending to $169 for a two-hour service.

Using the app was easy — just a few quick taps and we’d requested an appointment time. The app indicated that the therapist was “pending assignment” until the day before our appointment, but bookings are available with as little as an hour’s notice, 9 am to midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Unfortunately, we learned, a therapist isn’t guaranteed – our first booking resulted in the therapist canceling an hour before the appointment. We were assured by a friendly phone rep that this was very unusual and she offered to re-book the service a mere half hour later with a different therapist. We elected to switch days, but appreciated the diligence.

When our therapist, Michael, did arrive, he was prompt and friendly, electing to set up in our (tiny) condo living room for maximum space. We discussed pressure, choice of music, and use of cream vs. oil before he excused himself into our restroom so that we could get under the sheets.

Michael was one of the better therapists we’ve had in some time, offering a nice blend of deep tissue work and relaxing strokes, exactly as we’d requested. While it was a bit odd to be naked under a blanket while our significant other (and dog) sat in the next room, the treatment was as relaxing as any we’d experienced at a five-star spa. Of course, we later found out, Michael also works at a luxury hotel in town.

95 minutes later (yes, he went over, amazing), we were finished and about 10 minutes after that, Michael was on his way.

Gratuity is included in the service, and payment is done through the app, so no additional cash is necessary.

Our verdict? If all therapists are as talented as ours, we’ll definitely use the service again — particularly if we’re on the road and not feeling the  hotel spa. We’d likely shy away from booking again at home, but that’s more a factor of a small condo and no dedicated “relaxing” space, not the quality of the therapist.

Ready to try it for yourself? Soothe is available in more than a dozen major metropolitan areas, with more cities being added regularly.

Use the exclusive Pursuitist code PST30 to get $30 off your first appointment. 

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