Carine Roitfeld stars in her own biographic documentary while Victoria Beckham reveals her working style in a Skype-based fashion documentary. However Donatella Versace’s role is played by Gina Gershon in a film based on Deborah Ball’s book House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival.  House_of_Versace_movie_5 The movie chronicles the journey of Donatella Versace after the murder of her brother, world-renowned designer Gianni Versace and her attempt to take over the iconic fashion house, Versace. House_of_Versace_movieSlated for a world premier on 5th October, Lifetime has launched a trailer of the movie to keep the audience hooked on. The images and videos show that both lead characters, Gina Gershon and Enrico Colantoni, interestingly resemble Donatella and Gianni Versace. The actress nailed the look with a blonde wig, faked heavy accent and got under the skin of the character by taking to smoking. House_of_Versace_movie_1The movie shows that at first Donatella is ridiculed by critics and falls victim to drug addiction and nearly bankrupts the company. House_of_Versace_movie_2With the help of her family, including daughter Allegra, Aunt Lucia (played by Raquel Welch) and brother Santo (played by Colm Feore), she enters a rehab to confront her demons. After getting help, she returns back all charged up to re-ignite the Versace brand with her own vision. House_of_Versace_movie_4Watch her utter lines like, “I was always crazy even before the drugs,” “It’s Versace, ladies. Why don’t you go by the store? Your husbands will be happy” and “Do you want to put me on a leash? It better be diamond studded or you can kiss my…” in the trailer. House_of_Versace_movie_6Following the movie’s premiere, at 10:00pm ET/PT, Lifetime will air the hour-long documentary. The special will include interviews with people who knew Gianni, fashion designers, as well as a police detective and criminologist who explain their take on his tragic murder in front of his Miami mansion on July 15, 1997. “House of Versace” is produced and co-financed by MarVista Entertainment, directed by Sara Sugarman and scripted by Rama Stagner. Lifetime