Glamour, elegance and modern design lines are gathered in the Tenderly – a flower-inspired armchair that lends charm to the space around it. Because this exquisite furniture piece could have only been designed by someone who appreciates the feminine perspective, the flower armchairs showcases refined petals draping the seat. Designed by Carla Tolomeo, the Tenderly Armchair is so precious that is was only produced in a limited 300 piece edition.

The designer is a multi-talented artist – she expresses her artistic vision in fields like painting, sculpture, engraving and writing. Tenderly Armchair is an elegant expression of her love for beautiful things and the connection between the human life and nature. Fascinating in both shape and design, the luxurious armchair nestles a desire for comfort and coziness. All worries disappear when confronted with the soft touch of its silk and velvet petals. Available in many colors, the Tenderly Armchair invites you to indulge in refined luxury in the comfort of your own home.