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Shawish Christmas Gift Can Be Devoured And Worn Too

Shawish Christmas Gift Can Be Devoured And Worn Too

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Shawish unveils a Christmas gift that is worth drooling over! The Geneva based high-end jewelry brand has bent the rule about chocolate eggs being synonymous to Easter with its latest Christmas Surprise. Designed to satiate the sinful craving of chocolates as well as diamonds, Shawish has given shape to its Christmas gift in form of a chocolate egg. Made of 65% black Venezuelan chocolate, it holds a diamond studded gold bracelet inside. High on taste as well as glamour, the festive surprise is a treat for the taste buds as well as the wrist.

Shawish_Christmas_Surpise_2The gold bracelet with a charm in the shape of a mushroom is part of the jeweler’s iconic Magic Mushroom collection. Chiseled out of gold and ornamented with colourful enamel, the charm is set with a single diamond. The Swiss jeweller has once again teamed up with world renowned chocolatier Philippe Pascoët to create a delicious piece of edible luxury. Last time they rolled out a chocolate egg with a pendant and chain from their Magic Mushroom collection to celebrate Easter. It was unveiled as the most expensive edible Easter egg at Harrods.

Shawish_Christmas_Surpise_3The founder and creator of Shawish, Mohamed Shawesh revealed about the motivation behind creating such dreamlike gifts, “I always wanted to stand out from the crowd and create marvels with a touch of poetry. Jewels that tell a story and deliver a message.”

Shawish_Christmas_Surpise_1While the Shawish Easter Surprise was offered for $46,000, the company has not revealed the official pricing of the Christmas Surprise. However since its nearly the same concept, we assume that the X’mas choco-bracelet edition also sports a similar price tag.

The Shawish Christmas Surprise is available in Shawish Genève boutiques in London and Geneva as well as in its official retailers’ boutiques on request.

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