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Sergey Makhno’s Modern Architectural Contradiction: The Wooden House

Sergey Makhno’s Modern Architectural Contradiction: The Wooden House

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Design Studio Workshop together with  Sergey Makhno designed this spectacular restaurant in Ukraine. The project was named “The Wooden House” due to the main material used in defining it.

Definitely something you don’t stumble upon everyday, The Wooden House is a modern architectural contradiction and an exceptional work of art. Its unusual shape, integrating ellipsoidal volumes projects you into a frame of reality that has almost nothing to do with common things. Here’s what the Ukrainian artist, architect and designer, Sergey Makhno has to say about this astonishing project: “Contrast and contradiction of the restaurant’s interior is not a chaotic eclecticism, but conceptual and well thought-out design, that impresses by recognizable distinct style and extraordinary designer’s vision of   usual things.”

The interior accommodates stylish irregular-shaped furniture, combining striking colours such as orange, fuchsia and baby blue with white. The tables are white and so are some of the couches. There are no sharp edges only smooth contours and swirly design details. The lighting plays also an important role. Each ellipsoidal volume has a circular window that allows you to take a view inside the restaurant.

TableBedroom-View Bedroom- Bathroom-with-Pink-Details