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Selfridges Celebrates 2014 Christmas With Enchanted Windows

Selfridges Celebrates 2014 Christmas With Enchanted Windows

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Christmas fever is catching up at least on the windows of some of the most renowned luxury retail stores. For 2014, Christmas at Selfridges celebrates the art of storytelling and the power of enchantment. The tale starts with “Once upon a time there was a shop named Selfridges, with the most enchanted windows in all the land.”

Selfridges_Christmas_windows_2The British department store has kickstarted the festive celebration by dressing each window evoking a surreal fairytale or children’s storybook classic with a unique Selfridges twist. Visitors and shoppers can visit their childhood by checking out  Rapunzel’s cascading pink dip-dyed hair, to the not-so-ugly duckling in an exclusive AF Vandevorst feathered dress. The high-fashion fairytale affair continues in another window with Prince Charming and Snow White live happily ever after safe in the knowledge that Snow White’s Christmas gift is under the tree. Also in a land far away Hansel & Gretel found a house made of sweets from the Selfridges Fooodhall. Even the Santa has swapped the traditional reindeer ride for a red Mini.

Selfridges_Christmas_windows_1Based on 25 classic stories, the Oxford Street windows opens up a world of wonder, enchantment and imagination for fans and passerbys. The magic behind each tale has been manifested with a contemporary twist by Selfridges. Furthermore on the canopy, the two-tonne installation bears the title ‘Destination Christmas’, establishing Selfridges as the ultimate one-stop shop for your every festive need. Illuminated with 10,000 LED lights and spreading out across 59 feet x 32 feet it is touted to be the largest neon sign in London this Christmas.

Selfridges_Christmas_windows_3 Selfridges_Christmas_windows_4 Selfridges_Christmas_windows_5 Selfridges_Christmas_windows_6 Selfridges_Christmas_windows_7 Selfridges_Christmas_windows_Cindrella Selfridges_Christmas_windows_Golden_Goose Selfridges_Christmas_windows_Hansel_&_Gretel Selfridges_Christmas_windows_Little_Red_Riding_Hood Selfridges_Christmas_windows_Rapunzel Selfridges_Christmas_windows_Santa_Mini