Any dream home should have a home office prepared to take on any necessary work from writing a letter to a dear friend to working on your projects from home. Creating an inviting space that would inspire the user to stay focused is not an easy job. Creativity and customization go hand in hand, as Synthesis Design + Architecture show us by creating this modern home office for a private personal investment advisor.

Collaborating with Cutting Edge for fabrication, the design studio molded this project after the client’s request to have a discreet, personal and sculptural design to inspire daily work. The design solution came in the form of a fluid, dynamic surface along the walls, shaping a work desk, plenty of storage units, and places for a printer, paper shredder and whatever the client might need. This is how the contemporary home office came to be made of a series of alternating CNC milled birch plywood ribs that compose an interesting design. Illuminated from the inside with LED lights in order to create a private atmosphere, the sinuous design speaks the language of modern personalization. Working on a limited budget, the designers managed to create a fascinating space blending minimalism with functionality in a sculptural shape. Do you see yourself being more productive in this modern space?