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Sculptural Furniture by Fernando Mastrangelo

Sculptural Furniture by Fernando Mastrangelo

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Fernando Mastrangelo is one of those artists/artisans who is crosses the border between art and interior design. As it states on his resume, his  “works are intriguingly contradictory; they are both rugged and refined, durable and delicate, formal and functional.” Mastrangelo’s pieces are above all focused on texture, as evidenced by his sand and salt paintings. However, where the artist really excels is in creating sculptural furniture, taking his knowledge of texture and applying it to tables, benches, and couches.


Since last year, Mastrangelo has been working on his ‘Drift’ series, a collection of interior design pieces primarily made from cement. As the material would suggest, the pieces appear like imposing monoliths, somewhat intimidating with their cool grays and dark blues. Cement wouldn’t be most people’s first choice when it comes to furniture, but there is something undoubtedly mesmerizing and welcoming about these great stony blocks. The bench has an intriguing contrast between organic and geometric shapes that makes it particularly eye catching.

Mastrangelo has also produced a handful of other sculptural furniture that is set apart from his Drift series. Among these is his “Coffee Coffee Table” which looks like warm coffee grounds compressed into a boulder. Interested buyers can head to Mastrangelo’s website to see more.