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Sculpting the Brooklyn Skyline: A New Trio of Modular Skyscrapers

Sculpting the Brooklyn Skyline: A New Trio of Modular Skyscrapers

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The development and modernization of Brooklyn continues with a new project funded by Eliot Spitzer, a former governor who made a career change to become a real estate developer. Spitzer has teamed up with the design firm ODA New York. NYC is booming with several new luxury residential buildings, but Spitzer’s trio of skyscrapers stands out because of their unique shape.

The 22 storey glass structures are specifically designed with the surrounding vista as a focal point: up to 80% of the units will be ‘corner’ units, boasting views of the Williamsburg Bridge, the East River, and downtown Manhattan. These corner units will also include garden terraces, making them particularly worthy of note in the urban jungle of NYC.

“By using two standard floor plans—mirrors of each other—and flipping them in different directions around the central axis of each tower’s mass, [we created] three distinct, multidimensional facades, each filled with mid-floor ‘corner’ units,” ODA New York said in a press release. The design firm is specifically rejecting the ‘big box’ direction the city’s architecture has taken in recent decades, and they speak disparagingly of the two-dimensional “extruded rectangles” which comprise too much of the New York skyline.

Currently the trio of skyscrapers is slated to be completed in 2018.