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Say I Love You With Louis Vuitton’s V For Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Say I Love You With Louis Vuitton’s V For Valentine’s Day Jewelry

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Once again, it is the official, annual season of expressing love as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Show your invaluable affection in the most dazzling way by picking up pieces from Louis Vuitton’s V for Valentine’s Day jewelry. Designed to make a perfect gift for your loved one, each piece from the collection will entice her to wear your love all the time. While flowers and chocolate perish with time, the latest LV fashion jewelry collection celebrates love with timeless style. And of course it is easy to floor women with a great piece of fashion jewelry from Paris, the City of Love.

LV & V Ring – $520louis-vuitton-lv-v-ring-fashion-jewelryFeaturing precise micro-paving, these sparkling earrings are embellished with strass to spell V for Valentine’s Day. Shaped out of pink gold finished brass, it twists the House’s iconic V signature into a modern and feminine heart. Featuring LV hallmark, the ring is sized at 1.1 x 0.9 inches.

LV & V Long Necklace – $995louis-vuitton-lv-v-long-necklace-fashion-jewelryA long necklace that spells V for Valentine’s Day touches the feminine heart with its grace, love and crystal studded hearts.   The 18.9 inches neck piece must be ordered by 2/11 for delivery on Valentine’s Day.

LV & V Bracelet – $520louis-vuitton-lv-v-bracelet-fashion-jewelryClasp your heart on her wrist with the sparkling bracelet that is also designed to scream V for Valentine’s Day. The 8.3 inches bracelet also features a LV Circle on clasp chain.

LV & V Earrings –  $520louis-vuitton-lv-v-earrings-fashion-jewelryAllow the Valentine’s Day themed earrings whisper I Love You in her ears in the most loving and colorful style.